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DO-IT-YOURSELF - Car body washing step by step

It should be no rocket science – water, shampoo, sponge and off you go. But washing the exterior of your car means following certain rules, too. Otherwise you can damage the paint and... waste your time.
Please, make sure you know exactly what to do before cleaning your car!

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Do It Yourself - cleaning and tidying up the interior of your own car

Your car is often like a second home - and just like at home, it should be cleaned regularly. Not only for your own comfort, but also for your health and safety. 1-2 hours using easy-to-use and products make your car interior clean.

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Do-it-yourself / Winter preparation

New or old, warm or frosty winter conditions, your car requires some care to extend its usability and increase your safety. It is worth spending some time to do some simple care for your car.

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