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Weekend away? Best car care to take with you.


  1. Weekend away? Best car care to take with you.

A weekend getaway in autumn, just like a holiday trip, is a time when our cars are used in changeable conditions. Therefore, it is worth having car care which does not take up much space and, at the same time, can also work well in both predictable and unusual situations.

Obviously, it would be unwise to take the entire range of products available on the market. Especially for your partner, who will definitely not pack a tiny suitcase. What matters in such cases is the available space, which is sometimes limited. It’s worth thinking about what can easily fit into the space available and could be useful.


We have done the brainwork for you, here is the list of “Must-Have” car care products that might come in handy. What’s important, each of the listed products is available at a affordable price for your pocket. Let’s get started!

Cleaning wipes

You may travel alone, with your children, wife, friends – and from your own experience you already know that something will get dirty, not only hands. We have such products on offer and they are worth checking. The range includes for cleaning:

  • hands
  • both leather and textile upholstery
  • glass
  • dashboards

You can never have too many wipes, they are useful and really do not take up so much space. So it’s worth having all of them.

Glass wipes also thoroughly remove dirt from your wiper blades


Some wipes can be used for other purposes. As in the case of glass cleaning wipes, which can also be used for cleaning your wiper blades. Easily removes dirt without much effort. Those for the dashboard also do a great job. Another advantage is the protection of materials against the build-up of dust, helping keep the “board” clean for longer.

Textile upholstery and leather wipes, on the other hand, are also effective for different types of dirt and stains, and really you can still get a better result than expected. In emergency situations while traveling, it is a very good solution.

Graveyard on your grille – insects to be removed

You can expect to find insects and their remains on the front of your car after each trip by car, when the temperature is above zero. They usually cover the windscreen, bumpers, headlights and other elements of the vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, getting rid of them with just water is not easy – sometimes even impossible.


That’s why it’s a good idea to have an insect remover in your car. It contains softening agents that help get rid of even stubborn deposits. This product is safe for car paint, chrome-plated elements, rubber, plastic, lamp housing and glass. The set includes a soft sponge that allows you to quickly remove dirt.

If you don’t have such a sponge, a good idea is to purchase cloths on a roll that somewhat resembles a kitchen paper towel roll. However, don’t let appearances fool you. The structure of the fibers is highly absorbent, leaving no streaks, scratches or microfibers whilst in use. Can be used both wet and dry. So, it doesn’t need to be explained to anyone that it can come in handy in many situations.


On a similar note, each of us has certainly been in a situation when we ran out of screen wash at the least appropriate moment.

And here, we would like to bring up the topic of concentrates. The summer one is useful for removing insect residue and other types of dirt. It contains glycerin, so it also helps preserve rubber wiper blades. What’s important, it leaves no streaks or stains. It is worth noting that it is a 1:100 concentrate, which means after dilution 20 milliliters gives you 2 liters of the ready-to-use screen wash.

Winter concentrate is also very important – perhaps even more important. It must be able to remove salt, slush and other winter types of road contamination. As the summer one, it also contains glycerin. Importantly, both concentrates have been certified by DEKRA Germany.


When the tyre pressure drops

The tyre pressure loss warning indicator is something everyone would prefer to avoid. Unfortunately, sometimes such things happen and have to be dealt with. But how? Roadside assistance is not always necessary. If there is only a slight loss of air, a tyre repair product could fix it.

How does it work? It seals the tyre and rrestores tyre pressure without the need to remove the wheel but only for tubeless tyres. This simple and cheap solution enables you to drive to a workshop without damaging the tyre.


Be prepared

Don’t be put off by the amount of products mentioned earlier. And indeed, we have shown you numerous products, however, they are all user friendly and do not take up much space and easily fit into a small box or storage compartment.

Their prices are also affordable. So, car care products for a weekend trip in autumn might come in handy and could stop an unexpected situation from spoiling your time away. Remember to read the labels fully before usage – to get the best results.


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