Tyre puncture repair

No. 128130499Capacity: 400ml
Wheels and tyres / Tyres
For travelling
  • Restores car mobility
  • No wheel removal needed
  • Fast and safe


AUTOLAND Puncture Repair Kit – seals and restores pressure in a punctured tyre.  The perfect aid while travelling. Enables continued driving to a tyre specialist, without the need for emergency road services and wheel removal. Special adapter is included for a quick and effortless repair. Only for use on passenger car tubeless tyres and when a puncture is less than 5 mm in diameter.

How to use

  1. Find the reason for air leak.
  2. Before use, remove the cause of the tyre damage from the tire tread (e.g. a nail).
  3. Turn the wheel so that the valve is in a horizontal position (9 or 3 o’clock position).
  4. Forbidden to be used when a tyre sidewall is damaged!
  5. Shake the container well before use. Warm the can up in your hands, if necessary.
  6. Clean the tyre valve, attach the adapter correctly and, hold the can vertically.
  7. Spray until the tyre is fully inflated and disconnect.
  8. Start driving immediately, not exceeding 45 km/h.
  9. The tyre should be permanently repaired as soon as possible by a tyre specialist. The empty can must be shown to the tyre specialist! (information on the label).

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