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This kit seals and restores pressure in a punctured tyre. The perfect aid during travelling. Enables continued driving to a tyre specialist, without the need for emergency road services and wheel removal. A special adapter is included for a quick and effortless repair. For only tubeless tyres on passenger cars. Can only be used when a hole is less than 5 mm in diameter. Compatibility tested on a tyre 95/65/R15.


Forbidden to be used when a tyre sidewall is damaged or in tubed tyres! Could effect tyre pressure monitoring systems (TMPS).

Find the reason for the air leak.
Before use, remove the cause of the tyre damage from the tread (e.g. a nail).
Turn the wheel so that the valve is in a horizontal position (9 or 3 o’clock position).
Forbidden to be used when a tyre sidewall is damaged!
Shake the container well before use. Warm the can up in your hands, if necessary.
Spray until the tyre is fully pumped up and disconnect the can.
Start driving immediately, not exceeding 45 km/h.
The tyre should be repaired as soon as possible by a tyre specialist. The empty can must be shown (information on the label).

Please be advised that in connection with the EU Regulation 2019/1148 applicable from 01/02/2021 on the release of explosives precursors, our product called "TYRE PUNCTURE REPAIR " contains acetone in its formulation. Furthermore, we inform you that the acquisition, introduction, possession or use of this regulated explosive precursor by members of the general public is subject to the reporting obligations as set out in Art. 9 of this Regulation. The above obligation rests on the entire supply chain.

Driver's Choice 2020

AUTOLAND was awarded the BEST CAR CARE BRAND among the 32 brands available on the Polish market (MOTOR magazine 2020 Polish Driver’s Choice website, market survey). We are very proud that our customers appreciate the passion we put into our products.

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