Wax for aluminium and alloy wheels

No. 129910199Capacity: 150ml
Wheels and tyres / Wheels
  • Protects against dust
  • For a perfect shine


High quality synthetic wax for the maintenance and shine of wheels. Protects against adverse weather conditions and other environmental hazards. Creates a protective layer that will significantly reduce the furhter build up of dust from brake pads, dirt and grime and water settling without leaving any marks or streaks. 

Contains a UV filter. Enough for up to 30 uses.

How to use

  1. Remove the cap and the protective foil before first use.
  2. Wash the wheels with the AUTOLAND's wheel cleaner and leave to dry.
  3. Apply the wax on a dry sponge or cloth
  4. Polish the sidewalls of the wheel using circular movements.

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