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Our best high quality wax for a durable shine and long-lasting maintenance of your car wheels. Protects against adverse weather conditions and other environmental hazards. Creates a protective layer reducing the further build up of contamination.


Must not be used in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.
Remove cap and the protective seal before first use.

Wash the wheels with a strong stream of water to remove road contamination. Let to dry.
Shake the container well.
Apply using a dry sponge or clean soft cotton cloth.
Polish with a clean soft cotton cloth using circular movements.

Remove any excess.

We are the winner of the Forbes 2023 Diamond award

January 27, 2023
We are proud to inform that our company, AUTOLAND has been given the “FORBES Diamond” award for 2023.
We have always put our passion and determination into the business since we began in 1990. We strive to satisfy drivers needs and supply them, well thought out products and solutions.
Recognition coming from an international independent organization such as FORBES is clear evidence, we do it right.