Upholstery cleaning wipes

No. 118000299Pieces: 25 pcs., size: 24x22 cm
Interior care / Upholstery and roof-lining
For travelling
  • Ideal while traveling 
  • Powerful foaming wipes
  • For all internal textiles 


Practical cleaning wipes for removing stubborn stains from all interior textiles such as: seats, roof linings, upholstery, door trim panels, seatcovers, including delicate alcantra. Removes stains, such as chocolate, ice cream, beverages, coffee and ketchup, leaving a pleasant fresh fragrance. Freshens up colours without leaving smudges and lint. Ideally suited for every journey. 

Universal – can also be used at home for clearing upholstery.

How to use

Firstly wipe the whole surface. Next polish until the required effect is reached. If necessary use multiple wipes to prevent spreading the dirt.

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