Summer screenwash

No. 306014999Capacity: 4,5L
Automotive fluid / Summer screenwash
  • Ready to use
  • Faster dirt removal
  • Safe for all kinds of headlights including xenon


High quality biodegradable summer screenwash, specially formulated to ensure faster dirt and insect residue removal. Contains glycerin to preserve wiper blades against aging and cracking Safe for car paint and all types of headlights including xenon. Pigment free.

Wide opening for easy pouring. Packaging secured with an additional seal for 100% tightness guarantee.

Contains preservative to eliminate the further growth of "Legionella" bacteria.

This formulation has been awarded  “Very good removes insect residue” by DEKRA GmbH Stuttgart, Germany with an average outcome 4,7 cycles of wiper blades to fully clean windscreen.

How to use

  1. Twist off the cap and tear off the security seal.
  2. Pour screenwash.
  3. Replace cap.

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