Paint cream

No. 129020399Capacity: 500 ml
Body care / Paint
  • 99,40 % of ingredients are biodegradable
  • Unique formula based linseed oil with carnauba wax
  • Protects and restores depth of paint shine
  • Bottle and label are fully recyclable


We fully understand our responsibility for the planet. This product  has been formulated to optimize the cleaning effects and minimize the negative footprint on the environment. 99,40 % of ingredients are fully biodegradable. The bottle and the label are fully recyclable due to them being made of the identical material. It does not contain any of the following chemicals: SLES, SLS, parabens, formaldehyde, Petrol products (petrol distillates) and phosphates.


Easy-to-polish high gloss cream with carnauba wax content for all types of car paint. Protects against the effects of adverse weather conditions, environmental hazards and bird dropping depth of paintwork. Restores depth of paint shine. Preserves plastic and rubber parts, without leaving any streaks or. residue. Contains a UV filter.

360° action – equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve, allowing it to work in every position.

How to use

  1. Shake the container well.
  2. Wash and wipe until dry.
  3. Apply a small amount onto a clean cloth or directly on the area to be treated.
  4. Wipe until the desired effect is achieved.
Must not be applied when the paint is hot or in direct sunlight.