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Formulated with natural beeswax and special paint regenerators, Renovating Polish restores aged and damaged car finishes to a showroom shine. Gentle abrasives cover and hide small scratches while the special beeswax formula deepens your car’s color and restores its finish to a crystal clear shine. Cleans and protects from all weather, from extreme heat to ice and snow; creates an invisible shield to repel dirt, insect residue and bird droppings. Leaves no smudges or white spots on plastic or rubber surfaces. UV filters protect against sun damage. Shine lasts through many washes. Contains up to 6 applications.


WARNING - Do not apply in a direct sunlight. Do not apply to hot surfaces. Do not allow polish to dry on painted surface.

Wash car exterior with AUTOLAND Active Shampoo and let dry.
Shake container well.
Spread evenly on a small area using a sponge or a soft cloth.*
Immediately polish with a clean, soft cloth to get that perfect shine.

*Can be applied by hand or by machine.

Driver's Choice 2020

AUTOLAND has been awarded as the best car care brand in Poland based on the market survey carried out by the Polish Drivers’ Choice website and car magazine MOTOR and in 2020. The survey covered 32 car care brands available in Poland both well known international and Polish. We are very proud that our customers appreciate the passion we put into our products.

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