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Renew and restore the natural beauty of leather with this unique lanolin and beeswax formula. Deep cleans and conditions car seats and interior furnishings, providing protection against spills and stains and recapturing leather’s soft and supple feel. UV filters protect against discoloration, premature aging, cracking and fading caused by harsh sunlight, heat and humidity. Can be used on all colors; leaves interior smelling fresh and clean. Great for use on heated seats and perforated leather surfaces.


Remove internal security seal before first use.
Do not use on suede or alcantara.

Shake well.
Apply generously using a clean cloth.
Wipe evenly over surface; remove any excess.
Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
Driver's Choice 2020

AUTOLAND has been awarded as the best car care brand in Poland based on the market survey carried out by the Polish Drivers’ Choice website and car magazine MOTOR and in 2020. The survey covered 32 car care brands available in Poland both well known international and Polish. We are very proud that our customers appreciate the passion we put into our products.

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