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  Packaging made of 100% recycled material. Fully recyclable.

Our environmentally friendly formula for cleaning glass, mirrors and headlights. Removes dirt, insect residue, nicotine residue and greasy film. Smudge free.

Safe for use on plastic, all types of paint and headlights. Ideally suited for household use, leaving a pleasant smell.

360° action – equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve, allowing it to work in every position.


We fully understand our responsibility for the planet. Our glass cleaner has been formulated to optimize the cleaning effects and minimize the negative footprint on the environment, 99,99% of ingredients are fully biodegradable.

This bottle comes from 100% recycled material and the label is made of an identical material (PET) both are fully recyclable. The thickness of the label is only 60 microns and the bottle is made from reduced weight preform, to minimalize the amount of plastic used. The aforementioned solutions do not have an influence on the durability of the packaging but sometimes may cause a slight bottle distortion.

It does not contain any: SLES, SLS, silicones, parabens, petrol products (petrol distillates) and phosphates.

How to use

Shake the container thoroughly.
Spray onto a soft clean cloth or directly onto the surface to be cleaned.
Wipe until dry.

Repeat if needed.