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Gently cleans and preserves dash boards, plastic parts, vinyl and rubber leaving a matt finish. Suitable for smooth and rough surfaces. Removes finger prints. Natural bees wax refreshes the colour and protects against aging. Antistatic properties reduce build up of dust. Lint free.

Dermatologically tested. 


We fully understand our responsibility for the planet. This product  has been formulated to optimize the cleaning effects and minimize the negative footprint on the environment. Wipes are made of a biodegradable non-woven fabric, which decomposes over 90% within 12 weeks after use.

Dermatologically tested formula, which does not contain any of the following chemicals: SLES, SLS, parabens, formaldehyde, petrol products (petrol distillates) and phosphates.

How to use

Wipe on the area to be cleaned until a desired effect is reached.
Several tissues can be used to remove stubborn dirt.
Smooth surfaces including, glass and carbon fibre should be re-wiped with a soft clean cloth.
To maximize the efficiency all elements should be precleaned.