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We have been producing well thought out car care products which have been making drivers’ lives easier, safer and more enjoyable for over the last 30 years. Learn more about their benefits, any feedback from you would be very appreciated by our team. Click here.

DYNAGEL 2000+ ready-to-use

For all types of vehicles. Mixable with other antifreeze.

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Winter screen wash concentrate -60°C

Excellent visibility after 5,3 cycles wipers.

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Winter screen wash -20°C

Excellent visibility after 4,3 cycles wipers.

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Colour Changing Wheel Cleaner

High-performance cleaner. Easy-to-use. Safe for all types of wheels.

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Cleans and protects. Contains beeswax. Biodegradable fabric.

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Driver's Choice 2020

AUTOLAND has been awarded as the best car care brand in Poland based on the market survey carried out by the Polish Drivers’ Choice website and car magazine MOTOR and in 2020. The survey covered 32 car care brands available in Poland both well known international and Polish. We are very proud that our customers appreciate the passion we put into our products.

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About us

AUTOLAND is a Polish family run company. We have been producing a wide range of quality car care products for over the last 30 years including eco-friendly.

Discover Autoland

Cleaning and caring for your car becomes a pleasure once you use well thought out and dependable products. We give you easy-to-use, efficient and thoroughly tested range of car care products.

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Whatever you are going to do with cleaning and caring for your car, do it with us. Take advantage of our wide range of efficient and often awarded car care products and enjoy your drive more. If you do not know exactly what to do or are unsure, how to clean and care for your car, you will find useful step-by-step tips how to do it here. Click for further advice.

Do-it-yourself / Winter preparation

New or old, warm or frosty, your car requires some care to extend its usability and ensure your safety. It is worth spending some time to do some simple care for your car.

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