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Our best winter screen wash concentrate, enhances safety and comfort while driving.

Very fast removal of winter dirt such as: slush, salt, dirt and road grime. Safe for car paint, all types of headlights and spray nozzles. Contains glycerin to preserve wiper blades against aging and cracking. Methanol and pigment free.

This formulation has been tested and met the “Very good cleaning performance” standard by DEKRA GmbH Stuttgart, Germany with an average outcome 5,3 cycles of wiper blades to clean windscreens further details.

The freezing point was tested and confirmed by the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research at the  Polish Academy of Sciences in Wrocław, Poland.


Can be added undiluted if cold weather conditions are expected.

Dilute with water according to the dilution table on the label.
Top up and enjoy your driving.

Adios Dirtos!