Winter screenwash light -16°C

No. 204614099Capacity: 4l
Automotive fluids / Winter screenwash
  • Ready to use
  • Faster dirt removal
  • Safe for all kinds of headlights including xenon


Winter screenwash light -16°C ensures effective removal of: ice, slush, salt, dirt and winter road residue. Contains glycerin to preserve wiper blades against aging and cracking. Smudge free. Safe for plastic elements, car paint, seals, all types of headlights and washer spray nozzles. Pigment and methanol free.

This formulation has been awarded  “Good cleaning performance” by DEKRA GmbH Stuttgart, Germany.

How to use

  1. Remove the funnel.
  2. Fit on the canister.
  3. Pour the screenwash.
  4. Keep the funnel for future use.

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