Winter screenwash -20 ° C - PREMIUM

No. 204213099Capacity: 3,7L
Automotive fluid / Winter screenwash
  • awarded  “Very good cleaning performance” by DEKRA GmbH Stuttgart
  • contains glycerin - preserves rubber elements of wipers


The best winter screenwash ever made by us. Does not freeze down to -20 °C, ensures the fastest removal of dirt (slush, salt, dirt and road residue) from car windscreens and headlights, streak free! Contains glycerin preserving rubber, to extend the wipers life. Safe for plastic, car paint, rubber seals and all types of headlights and washer nozzles. Contains no methanol and dyes!

Was awarded " very good cleaning performance " when tested  by DEKRA GmbH, Germany, with an average result of 3,7 cycles of wipers to fully clean the windscreen. The “very good cleaning performance” award is given to every screenwash which has results of 7 cycles of wipers and below. When tested PSIK PSIK -20°C showed to be almost twice as efficient. The result of 3,7 cycles is the best ever achieved by a Polish screenwash manufacturer.

How to use

  1. Remove the funnel.
  2. Fit on the canister.
  3. Pour the screenwash.
  4. Keep the funnel for future use.

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