Vehicle A/C cleaner

No. 125230499Capacity: 400 ml
Interior care / Air-conditioning
  • PRO KLIM - approved by the Polish Ministry of Health - 6587/16
  • kills bacteria and fungus spores


For cleaning all types of vehicle air conditioning and ventilation systems. Eliminates bacteria, fungus spores, mold and annoying cigarette and animal  smells. Cleans easily in 10 minutes without any need of disassembly  or tools.

Spray for cleaning and disinfecting vehicle air conditioning systems. Kills bacteria within 5 minutes and fungus spores within 15 minutes. Authorization number 6587/16.

360º action - equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve. This allows it to work in every position.

How to use

  1. Fit the attached instalation pipe on the nozzle. Set the air conditioning system to maximum on internal cooling ventilation. Turn off the ignition.

  2. Insert the pipe into each ventilation outlet intern and spray while slowly withdrawing. Wait 15 minutes after completion.

  3. Turn on the ventilation system (internal cooling) for 10 minutes. Air the car before driving.

During applying smoking and naked flames are forbidden. Air cabin filters should be  changed according to the car manufacturers manual. We recommend cleaning the air conditioning system twice a year.

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