ULTRA Wax Towel

No. 129000199Pieces: 1 pcs. mikrofibra 40x47cm
Body care / Paint
  • Sufficient for the entire car
  • Quick, easy and durable shiny finish after washing a car
  • Size XXL: 40 x 47 cm


High quality microfiber towel (40 x 47 cm) designed for a glossy finish and care of automotive paint. Quickly gives a car body a shiny look and protects it against adverse weather conditions. Protects paint, chrome and plastic elements of the car body. Contains a UV filter. Leaves a perfect shine without extensive polishing. Recommended after each car washing. Removes dirt and water residues left in areas hard to access (e.g. in the door sills, boot lids). Disposable gloves included.

How to use

  1. Fold the towel to fit your hand
  2. Wipe the washed and dried surface of a car starting from the roof
  3. Multiple folding and using both sides of the towel will enhance performance


  • not to be used on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight
  • do not store in extreme temperature condition

Later the towel can be washed and re-used as a cleaning cloth 

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