ULTRA Interior Towel

No. 141000199Pieces: 1 pcs. mikrofibra 40x47cm
Interior care / Multi-purpose
  • Quick and easy cleaning of entire car interiors
  • Ideal while travelling
  • Size XXL: 40 x 47 cm


High quality microfiber towel (size 40 x 47 cm) designed for cleaning entire car interiors. Cleans all smooth and rough surfaces: cockpit, roof linings, plastic casings, floor mats, seats and upholstery. Leaves your car interior clean and pleasantly-scented without streaks or drip marks. The ULTRA Towel is ideal while travelling, for quick and easy use. Contains a UV filter. Disposable gloves included. 

How to use

  1. If necessary, vacuum any denser or loose dirt
  2. Fold the towel to fit your hand
  3. Slightly dirty surfaces such as roof linings, seats and cockpits should be cleaned first, stubborn dirt should be cleaned later
  4. Multiple folding and using both sides of the towel will enhance performance
  5. Glass areas, smooth surfaces  should be wiped off with a dry cloth immediately after cleaning


  • not to be used on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight
  • do not store in extreme temperature condition

Later the towel can be washed and re-used as a cleaning cloth 

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