Removable rubber coating

No. 105030499 - black matt, 105130499 - black shining, 105330499 - transparent, 105430499 - white shining, 105230499 red shiningCapacity: 400 ml
Body care / Other

Fast and easy way to change colour of:

  • car body elements
  • wheels and mirror housings
  • motorbike helmets and fairing


Fast-drying, flexible, protective and customizing removable rubber coating. Protects surfaces against adverse weather condiotions, rusting and scratches. Can be applied onto steel and alloy wheels, plastic bumpers, mirror housings and metal car body elements. Does not crack and flake. Easily removable and surface-friendly as does not permanently adhere. Withstands temperatures from -30ºC to +70 ºC.

Available in a range in colors: black matt, black shining, transparent, white shining, red shining.

How to use

  1. Thourghly clean ad degrease surface to be treated.
  2. Shake the container well.
  3. Spray evenly a thin layer from a distance of about 20 cm.
  4. Spray 3-4 layers. Let to dry for about 15 minutes between each coating.
  5. For easy removal start peeling-off from the edge.

Caution. A small amount of the product must be checked on a hidden part of an element prior to being treated. For a streak-free surface do not overpaint.

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