Invisible wiper blade

No. 135010299Capacity: 300ml
Body care / Glass
  • Replaces wiper blades during rain
  • All season easier removal of grime and ice  


Creates an invisible layer on the windscreen eliminating usage of wiper blades. Water droplets are blown off windscreens at speeds above 65 km/h without using wiper blades. Makes driving safer during rain and wet conditions. Protects against the build up of frost in low temperatures. Inhibits mud and insect residues adhering to windscreens. Can also be used in shower cabins – protect against the build up of dirt. Environmentally friendly – no added pigments. 

How to use

Only to be used on the external side of the windscreen!

  1. Clean and degrease the surface thoroughly.
  2. Spray a small amount on the glass.
  3. Spread evenly all over the surface with a soft cloth and polish until glossy.

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