Cockpit wipes super shine

No. 138200199Pieces: 25 pcs., size: 24x22 cm
Interior care / Cockpit and plastic
For travelling
  • Shine effect
  • Against dust
  • Allegic friendly 
  • Contains natural beeswax


Highest quality fabric impregnated with the newest cockpit care formula, contains natural beeswax. Effectively removes stains and dust from plastic parts of a car interior. Intensifies the deepness of colours. Leaves a nice fragrance. Antistatic,  provides protection from the further build up of dust. Allergic-friendly – causes no irritation. Lint-free.

How to use

Wipe the whole car cockpit and polish until the required effect is reached. If necessary use multiple wipes to prevent dirt spreading. Glass areas, smooth surfaces  should be wiped off with a dry cloth after cleaning.

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