Cockpit tissues - super shine

No. 138230199Pieces: 25 pcs., size: 24x22 cm
Interior care / Cockpit and plastic
For travelling
  • Shine effect

  • Antistatic


Gently cleans and preserves dashboards, all types of plastic, vinyl and rubber interior car elements. Removes finger prints, stains and other types of dirt. Leaves a super shine effect and a nice scent. Natural bees wax deepens colours and protects plastic parts against aging. For all dashboards including smooth and rough, also for parts made of wood and metal. Lint free. Antistatic, contains UV filter. Alergy friendly – does not cause irritation.

How to use

Wipe on the area to be cleaned until a desired effect is reached. Several tissues can be used to clean stubborn dirt. Smooth surfaces should be re-wiped with a soft clean cloth.

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