Chain lubricant - PTFE

No. 128430599Capacity: 500 ml

  • Suitable for all types of motorcycle chain
  • Reduces friction – preserves against wear and tear
  • High temperature and water resistant


White lubricant containing PTFE (teflon) suitable for all types of motorcycle and quad chain including O-RING, X-RING and Z-RING. Handy applicator ensures ease of use. Excellent penetration to every chain component part, leaves a protective and durable layer. Protects against corrosion and harmful weather conditions across a wide temperature range (-30 to 200°C). Adheres to your chain even at high speed thanks to a thick viscosity. Reduces friction, extends the working life of drive train. Can also be used for the lubrication and maintenance of leaf springs, hinges, joints, bolts and sliding surfaces, etc. Does not contain silicone.

How to use

Remove mud, sand and oil residue. An AUTOLAND Chain Cleaner is recommended.

  1. Shake the container well.
  2. Spray on evenly on the whole chain (while rotating rear wheel) from about 15 cm.
  3. After application, allow about 10 minutes for the chain to dry.

Repeat the lubrication procedure if necessary. Unwanted lube can be removed with degreaser or an AUTOLAND Chain Cleaner.

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