Air conditioner and vent air refresher

No. 125030299Capacity: 200ml
Interior care / Air-conditioning
  • For all types of car air-conditioning 
  • Allergy friendly


A fast and easy-to-use vent and duct work refresher.  Takes only 10 minutes, no tools and disassembly needed. Removes unpleasant smells like: mold, cigarette smoke and pets. Leaves a pleasant and long lasting fresh fragrance. Allergy friendly.

How to use

  1. Turn on the engine and set the ventilation to maximum interior air circulation. The cigarette lighter must be removed.
  2. Open every vent to maximum. Make sure that every window is fully closed.
  3. Move and tilt one of the a front seats as far as possible forward.
  4. Shake the container well and leave in an upright position on the floor behind the moved and tilted seat.
  5. Push and turn the valve strongly to the left until it locks. Leave the vehicle immediately and close the door.
  6. After 10 minutes turn off the ventilation and remove the empty container . Air car can if needed.

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