AUTOLAND wipes with TÜV Rheinland certificate, February 2020!

We are pleased to announce the completion of the project on which our R&D Department has been working for a long time. Our window, hand  and cockpit wipes both natural and shiny versions, have successfully passed the certification process conducted by TÜV Rheinland. The auditors were evaluating: composition, correctness of descriptions, product safety and production process. In addition, the audit team confirmed compliance with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of March 31, 2004 on detergents.

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These certificates confirm the monitoring of the production of the certified product by TÜV Rheinland based on periodic audits of the production plant and laboratory tests.

TYRE PUNCTURE REPAIR - the latest MOTOR Magazine test , No. 38 , September 2019!

In the latest edition of MOTOR Magazine weekly, you will find a test of our product – TYRE PUNCTURE REPAIR. The quality of this kind odf products is particularly important, not so much in everyday use of the vehicle, but in an emergency situation - a flat tyre. Specialists checked and confirmed its high efficiency in sealing and inflating a punctured tyre.

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The latest Winter Screenwash test report – by DEKRA, Stuttgart

We pleased to present the newest results of the Autoland’s Winter Screenwash test. The tests of the new formulation were carried out in the DEKRA laboratory in Stuttgart, Germany during May and June 2019.

DEKRA - the biggest European certification company – for almost 100 years DEKRA’s skilled experts have been creating increased safety across all the key areas of life - on the road, at work and at home. Among other services, they carry out the most precise screenwash examinations. Testing all the chemical properties, possible effect on the surfaces that screenwash may adhere (car paint, rubber and plastic elements, car headlights), freezing point and usage – including the most important – cleaning properties, which were tested in a special sub-zero room, which simulates winter driving conditions. A special mixture of dirt is applied to a car windscreen which permits winter screenwash clearing efficiency to be checked.

The DEKRA examinations further confirmed the highest quality of Autoland’s Winter Screenwash, and complete combability on all automotive parts including: both pained and unpainted metal surfaces, plastic and rubber elements, LED and xenon headlights. We are most proud of – the superb cleaning performance with only 3,7 wiper cycles to a “free sight” result. This result is a critical for safety and comfort driving during difficult, winter weather conditions.

Winter screenwash can be awarded with “a very good cleaning performance” for only results less than 7 wiper cycles. When tested our screenwash was shown to need only half the amount of wiper cycles as per their minimum standard. The result of 3,7 wiper cycles is the very best that any Polish company has ever achieved and one of the best ever results given by DEKRA in Europe.

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AUTOLAND’S tissues review - MOTOR Magazine No. 28 - July 2019!

In the latest (08/07/2019) edition of the MOTOR weekly, an article showing a new car care trend – tissues for various applications, was published. Tissues have an advantage over classic liquids and aerosols, they are comfortable and quick to use, they fit into a glove or door compartment, which allows to have them at hand and use during a short stop or during road-trip. We are proud that our products have been shown as a model.

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The Polish automotive market survey 2019, test results!

MOTOR magazine, edition 2 June-July 2019.

We are even prouder today than we were last year when we sent you this.

Motor magazine, a Polish motoring weekly, again released the results of their annual reader survey asking which car care  brands were purchased most often and ranked highest in their latest annual Reader’s Choice edition. As you might remember, this survey is an in-depth program of over 120 questions covering 7 categories of the automotive market in Poland, one of those being car care products. Motor magazine has been running these surveys, inspired by the organizations such as JD Power and Consumer Reports, since 2013.

And in the results for car care products, Maguire’s again won first place but their market share has shrunk, we are moving ever forward! Maguire’s saw a decrease of over 3%. On the other hand Autoland saw a further gain of 1.3% improving our share to 51.3%.

Yet again, Autoland was described as “an excellent price to quality ratio” a brand that users would describe as excellent results without the premium price. It is worth noting we are the only Polish company in the top 3. Autoland has again outranked other well-known world brands such as Turtle Wax, Motul and Wurth.

When  AUTOLAND started its long journey 30 years ago in the car care business had neither knowledge nor know-how and investment capital for development.

Nowadays after all of these years, thanks to committed and dedicated team and investments for both product and company development we have achieved our long term goal: AUTOLAND produces well thought-out high quality car care products in which customers have confidence and trust.

AUTO Świat GUIDE No. 19, May 2019 – wheel cleaner’s review

In May’s AUTO Świat GUIDE edition 8 wheel cleaners were tested. Our newly formulated wheel cleaner "ATACK PLUS" took the third place in cleaning efficiency.  However generally, best one in quality-to-price ratio. In the article - also some interesting tips on for wheels cleaning, care and maintenance.

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AUTO Świat GUIDE No. 14, April 2019

In the April’s edition of AUTO ŚWIAT Guide, products for spring cleaning were presented. Our Finishing Compound was one of them. Autoland’s product effectively renews damaged car paint, removes scratches spot of rust.

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ANTI-FOG - confirmed effectiveness in MOTOR Magazine test no. 6 - February 2019!

In the last edition of the MOTOR Magazine weekly, the effectiveness against windows fogging of our product was confirmed.

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27th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Last Sunday, for the 27th time, the finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity took place.

This year we have donated our products for participants of the 2nd Run and March of the “fight the diabetes” in Cieszyn, Poland, and the auction during the evening concerts. Helping is child's play, we are happy that we could participate in it.

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Our wipes honoured in the press test - MOTOR No. 40 - October 2018!

In the October issue of the MOTOR weekly, various manufacturers wipes were tested under the effectiveness, efficiency and final effect criteria’s. Our windows, leather upholstery and bird dropping removal wipes achieved the highest score showing high effectiveness. Helmet and visor cleaning set was also positively evaluated.

We invite you to read the article.

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Automechanika FRANKFURT 2018

On September 11-15, 2018, we presented our range of car care and automotive fluids under the Autoland and GULF brands at the largest trade fair for the automotive industry - Automechanika in Frankfurt. This year's edition gathered nearly 5,000 exhibitors from around the world, including 188 exhibitors from Poland. 5 days filled with meetings with clients, both current and potential, and our suppliers. We hope that the established relationships will bring results in the future.

In addition, our stand has received an Honorable Mention at StandOUT. Automechanika 2018 - a plebiscite for Polish stands that improve the standards of architecture and design in the exhibition industry. Thank you!

AUTO ŚWIAT GUIDE September 9, 2018

In the September edition of AUTO ŚWIAT Guide, products for the care of leather upholsterers were presented. Review includes also our products for cleaning leather upholstery: foam, wipes and paste. Our leather care removes dirt and greasy deposits, restores original elasticity and brand new look. For best performance contains a UV filters – with fading prevent effect. Ideal for heated and ventilated car seats in all colors. Also perfect at home when caring furniture with leather upholstery.

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The Polish automotive market survey 2018, test results!

We are very proud to send this to you today. Motor Magazine, a Polish motoring weekly, released the results of their annual reader survey asking which car care and cosmetics brands were purchased most often and ranked highest in their latest annual Reader’s Choice edition. This survey was an in-depth program of over 120 questions covering 7 categories of the automotive market in Poland, one of those being car care products and cosmetics. The resulting response rate was unexpectedly high – 144,000 responses came in. Motor has been running these surveys, inspired by the organizations like JD Power and Consumer Reports, since 2013.

And in the results for car care and a car cosmetics, Maguires won with a decisive margin but more importantly for us, Autoland came in practically tie with second ranked Sonax, a brand many times larger than Autoland. More so, Autoland was ahead of Turtle Wax and Wurth, well known brands from the US and Germany.

Product perception is incredibly important in Poland and often times, the perception is that a high priced brand from abroad is better than a brand from Poland, and more often stereotypically, a brand from Germany. Incredibly, a local Polish manufactured brand Autoland, came in 3rd with 50,3% of voters place nearly tie with Sonax 53,5% of voters and ahead of Turtle Wax and Wurth.

We are extremely proud of these results – and as the caption in the article says, we are proof that quality and good pricing can go hand in hand making our products an excellent value proposition.

To find out more about why our customers are loyal and why they appreciate the quality and the value proposition we bring to the market write tu us.


On the 27th of May, at the Motocross Track in Cieszyn, the European Masters Elimination took place for the Sidecar Class and for the EMX Quads.

In the quad class, Kacper Mieszkowski, who is sponsored by Autoland, made his debut. Kacper, who comes from Jelenia Gora and is the youngest in his group, showed his strongest side finishing in 8th place in both races. Kacper, making his debut in the senior classes, defeated many older and much more experienced opponents. We congratulate him!

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Wax removal tissues

We are pleased to announce that a new product has shown in our offer: Wax removal tissues.

Our set consist of 2 wipes: wet - quickly and without streaks removes layers of silicone, wax and greasy deposits, and dry - for polishing the cleaned surfaces. Tissues are perfect for use after washing, for example in a car wash.

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New Winter Screenwash Concentrate -60°C

We have launched a new product - winter screenwash concentrate -90°C. It ensures better removal of ice, slush, salt, dirt and road grime.

This formulation has been awarded  “ Very good cleaning performance” by DEKRA GmbH Stuttgart, Germany with an average outcome of 5,3 cycles of wiper blades to fully cleaned windscreen. Safe for headlights, car paint and rubber elements (seals, wiper blades).

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NORAUTO Congress - October 2017

Autoland took part in the Norauto Congress on 10-11 October 2017 where we presented new products in our range. We gave deeper information and reminded other participants about the most important facts about our products, focusing on certificated and awarded ones.

We showed our MotoCare line and GULF oils – which we have started to distribute.