Our wipes honoured in the press test - MOTOR No. 40 - October 2018!

In the October issue of the MOTOR weekly, various manufacturers wipes were tested under the effectiveness, efficiency and final effect criteria’s. Our windows, leather upholstery and bird dropping removal wipes achieved the highest score showing high effectiveness. Helmet and visor cleaning set was also positively evaluated.

We invite you to read the article.

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Automechanika FRANKFURT 2018

On September 11-15, 2018, we presented our range of car care and automotive fluids under the Autoland and GULF brands at the largest trade fair for the automotive industry - Automechanika in Frankfurt. This year's edition gathered nearly 5,000 exhibitors from around the world, including 188 exhibitors from Poland. 5 days filled with meetings with clients, both current and potential, and our suppliers. We hope that the established relationships will bring results in the future.

In addition, our stand has received an Honorable Mention at StandOUT. Automechanika 2018 - a plebiscite for Polish stands that improve the standards of architecture and design in the exhibition industry. Thank you!

AUTO ŚWIAT GUIDE September 9, 2018

In the September edition of AUTO ŚWIAT Guide, products for the care of leather upholsterers were presented. Review includes also our products for cleaning leather upholstery: foam, wipes and paste. Our leather care removes dirt and greasy deposits, restores original elasticity and brand new look. For best performance contains a UV filters – with fading prevent effect. Ideal for heated and ventilated car seats in all colors. Also perfect at home when caring furniture with leather upholstery.

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Magazine test results!

We are very proud to send this to you today. Motor Magazine, a Polish motoring weekly, released the results of their annual reader survey asking which car care and cosmetics brands were purchased most often and ranked highest in their latest annual Reader’s Choice edition. This survey was an in-depth program of over 120 questions covering 7 categories of the automotive market in Poland, one of those being car care products and cosmetics. The resulting response rate was unexpectedly high – 144,000 responses came in. Motor has been running these surveys, inspired by the organizations like JD Power and Consumer Reports, since 2013.

And in the results for car care and a car cosmetics, Maguires won with a decisive margin but more importantly for us, Autoland came in practically tie with second ranked Sonax, a brand many times larger than Autoland. More so, Autoland was ahead of Turtle Wax and Wurth, well known brands from the US and Germany.

Product perception is incredibly important in Poland and often times, the perception is that a high priced brand from abroad is better than a brand from Poland, and more often stereotypically, a brand from Germany. Incredibly, a local Polish manufactured brand Autoland, came in 3rd with 50,3% of voters place nearly tie with Sonax 53,5% of voters and ahead of Turtle Wax and Wurth.

We are extremely proud of these results – and as the caption in the article says, we are proof that quality and good pricing can go hand in hand making our products an excellent value proposition.

To find out more about why our customers are loyal and why they appreciate the quality and the value proposition we bring to the market write tu us.


On the 27th of May, at the Motocross Track in Cieszyn, the European Masters Elimination took place for the Sidecar Class and for the EMX Quads.

In the quad class, Kacper Mieszkowski, who is sponsored by Autoland, made his debut. Kacper, who comes from Jelenia Gora and is the youngest in his group, showed his strongest side finishing in 8th place in both races. Kacper, making his debut in the senior classes, defeated many older and much more experienced opponents. We congratulate him!

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New Winter Screenwash Concentrate -60°C

We have launched a new product - winter screenwash concentrate -90°C. It ensures better removal of ice, slush, salt, dirt and road grime.

This formulation has been awarded  “ Very good cleaning performance” by DEKRA GmbH Stuttgart, Germany with an average outcome of 5,3 cycles of wiper blades to fully cleaned windscreen. Safe for headlights, car paint and rubber elements (seals, wiper blades).

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NORAUTO Congress

Autoland took part in the Norauto Congress on 10-11 October 2017 where we presented new products in our range. We gave deeper information and reminded other participants about the most important facts about our products, focusing on certificated and awarded ones.

We showed our MotoCare line and GULF oils – which we have started to distribute.

New section on our website – cleaning advice

Car restorers using our products have given us some advice, we have decided to give you the knowledge we have so that the effect of washing and care is stunning. You will find tips on:

  • Cleaning and refreshing air conditioning
  • Cleaning upholstery
  • Cleaning dashboard and plastic parts
  • Washing wheels and tyres
  • Car body cleaning
  • Polishing and waxing
  • Window cleaning
If you have your own tips, tricks or advice that can help other daily car care - please send an email to Thank you in advance.
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New color variants of " Removable rubber coating"

We would like to introduce new color variants of " Removable rubber coating":

  • black shining,
  • transparent,
  • red shining,
  • white shining.
The fast drying, elastic, decorative-protective rubber foil quickly and effectively changes the color of body parts, rims and mirrors, helmets and motorcycle fairings. Also available in black matt colour.
Capacity 400ml.

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On 11th to 13th  March 2017 we participated in the latest INTERCARS International Trade Fair in Warsaw, POLAND. We presented our newest, especially dedicated for motorcyclist range of products – AUTOLAND MotoCare. See more in our photo gallery.

Insect remover

We proudly present – new Insect Remover. Softens insect deposits for easer removal, while being safe for:

  • car paint,
  • plastic parts,
  • wiper blades,
  • LED and xenon lights.

360º action – product is equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve. This allows it to work in every position.
Capacity 670ml.

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Wheel cleaner

New product in “black line” – Wheel Cleaner. Quickly and safely removes even the most stubborn dirt:

  • burned-on brake dust,
  • oil stains and tyre marks,
  • road dirt.

Acid-free – safe for wheels and the whole braking system. 360º action – product is equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve. This allows it to work in every position.
Capacity 670ml.

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Upholstery cleaner

New product in the “petrol station” range - upholstery cleaner.  Our specially designed application nozzle creates a dense, active foam for easier cleaning of stains including:

  • ice cream
  • coffee,
  • chocolate,
  • sauce and beverages.

Neutralizes unpleasant odours including from tobacco and pets leaving a fresh aroma.
Capacity 670ml.

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Window cleaner

Available soon in selected petrol stations – new “Black Line” Window cleaner. Reliable, alcohol based formula ensures fast, easy and smudge-free cleaning of:

  • Glass,
  • Mirrors,
  • Lights.

360º action – product is equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve. This allows it to work in every position.
Capacity 670ml.

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Upholstery cleaning foam with brush

New arrival!  Already available in stores: a new Upholstery Cleaning Foam. New formulation and a built-in brush for faster removal of :

  • coffee,
  • chocolate,
  • ice cream,
  • auces,
  • beverages etc. stains.

Like other of our aerosols - equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve. This allows it to work in every position.
500 ml capacity.

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Leather upholstery cleaner

We are proud to introduce another new product for petrol stations. Care and maintenance is enhanced due to the bees wax content.

  • Restores suppleness of leather,
  • Protects against humidity and cracking.

Perfectly suited for cleaning household furniture.
360º action – product is equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve. This allows it to work in every position
Capacity 400 ml.

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Tyre foam

We are proud to introduce one of our new products for petrol stations.

  • Cleans tyres and restores blackness,
  • Leaves a „wet look” effect,
  • Preserves and reduces tyre aging.

360º action – product is equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve. This allows it to work in every position.
Capacity 400 ml.

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