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DOT 3 Brake Fluid protects and prolongs the life of your braking system. Formulated to increase your confidence and maintain braking efficiency. Exceeds the requirements of standards SAE J 1703 and F MVSS 116, suitable for use with ABS systems, and can be mixed safely with other DOT 3 Fluids.

How to use

Avoid contact with car paint. Spills should be rinsed with water.

Fill the system with DOT 3 Brake Fluid up to the certain level, as is written in the vehicle instruction manual.

Store in a dry place in a tightly closed container.

Driver's Choice 2020

AUTOLAND was awarded the BEST CAR CARE BRAND among the 32 brands available on the Polish market (MOTOR magazine 2020 Polish Driver’s Choice website, market survey). We are very proud that our customers appreciate the passion we put into our products.

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