Test results

Magazine test results!

We are very proud to send this to you today. Motor Magazine, a Polish motoring weekly, released the results of their annual reader survey asking which car care and cosmetics brands were purchased most often and ranked highest in their latest annual Reader’s Choice edition. This survey was an in-depth program of over 120 questions covering 7 categories of the automotive market in Poland, one of those being car care products and cosmetics. The resulting response rate was unexpectedly high – 144,000 responses came in. Motor has been running these surveys, inspired by the organizations like JD Power and Consumer Reports, since 2013.

And in the results for car care and a car cosmetics, Maguires won with a decisive margin but more importantly for us, Autoland came in practically tie with second ranked Sonax, a brand many times larger than Autoland. More so, Autoland was ahead of Turtle Wax and Wurth, well known brands from the US and Germany.

Product perception is incredibly important in Poland and often times, the perception is that a high priced brand from abroad is better than a brand from Poland, and more often stereotypically, a brand from Germany. Incredibly, a local Polish manufactured brand Autoland, came in 3rd with 50,3% of voters place nearly tie with Sonax 53,5% of voters and ahead of Turtle Wax and Wurth.

We are extremely proud of these results – and as the caption in the article says, we are proof that quality and good pricing can go hand in hand making our products an excellent value proposition.

To find out more about why our customers are loyal and why they appreciate the quality and the value proposition we bring to the market write tu us.

BLAG PLUS – Tyre Foam. Restores and regains original colour deepness / “wet look” of tyres. Easy to apply. Awarded “Perfect” in the Auto Świat Guide - Polish biggest selling car magazine.

Tyre Puncture Repair. Seals and restores pressure in a punctured tyre. The perfect aid during traveling. Enables continued driving to a tyre specialist, without the need for emergency road services and wheel removal. Drive with confidence by having our reliable product to be prepared for any tyre problems. Tested by Auto Świat Magazine and was given a 5 star grade and AŚ Recommendation.

Upholstery cleaner with an active oxygen. Effortlessly cleans all types of fabric upholstery, ceilings and carpets. Renovates and nourishes surfaces, restoring the original factory appearance. Removes stains from: ice cream, coffee, chocolate, sauce and beverages. Awarded 5 stars in the Auto Świat Car Magazine review.

Cockpit wipes. Delicately cleans and preserves car dashboard and all plastic, vinyl and rubber parts of a car interior leaving a satin-matt finish. Removes finger-prints, stains and other dirt. Antistatic - provides protection from the build up of dust. Tested by Auto Świat Magazine and were given a 5 star grade.

Window wipes. Easily remove dirt, grease and other contamination from the surface of the glass without leaving streaks. Thoroughly cleans windscreens, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Ideal for cleaning wiper blade rubber, protects against aging. Xenon lights friendly. Lint-free. Awarded “high effectiveness” in the MOTOR magazine.

Leather wipes. Top quality fibre impregnated with a care and refreshing formula with added natural beeswax. Cares and renews leather upholstery removing surface dirt protecting against dampness and cracking. Contains UV filter – protects leather against sun fading. Allergic friendly – causes no irritation. Awarded “high effectiveness” in the MOTOR magazine.


Summer screenwash concentrate quality checked by DEKRA GmbH / Stuttgard.

Summer screenwash concentrate test report

Summer screenwash quality checked by DEKRA GmbH / Stuttgard.

Summer screenwash test report

Winter screenwash quality checked by DEKRA GmbH / Stuttgard.

Winter screenwash test report

Winter screenwash concentrate -90°C quality checked by DEKRA GmbH / Stuttgard.

Winter screenwash concentrate -60°C test report

Hard Wax car paint protection, durability and quality checked by DEKRA GmbH / Stuttgard.

Car wax test report

Cockpit tissues - matt finish quality proofed by TÜV NORD.

Cockpit tissues - matt finish cerificate

Antifreeze Dynagel 2000+ quality proofed by TÜV Rheinland.

Dynagel 2000+ certificate